ISO 9001:2008 Certification

With an ISO 9001:2008 Certification added to our testimonials, we have developed ourselves asa robust web of talented management with strong security infrastructure, providing comprehensive security solutions 24x7 to multi-locations clientele all across India. At Westech Securities, we maintain all the guidelines prescribed by PSARA (Private Security Agency Regulation Act).

A world without security is a world open to biggest threats.

Fears don't let us down in uncertain and uncalled for situations. We are Westech Securities.

Westech Securities Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in private security services with two decades of experience. Catering to the various organizational security needs, from the biggest to the minutest. Constituted in 1997, we hold security management experience for two decades and hold huge experience and expertise in the security industry. We are a leading private security agency in the country with several branches that we operate from. Maintaining a premium clientele at Westech Securities, we have successfully formed a long-term relationship of trust and commitment with the people we secure.

The mainstay of our organization is to provide quality protection and security services at Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Shopping complexes, Educational, etc arenas and maintain vigilance with a proctored environment. Our services are also extended with equal zest and prudence to organizations like Hotels and Restaurants, BPOs, Retail Showrooms, Malls and Plazas, Constructional sites and Developers, residential complexes like Housing Societies and VIP Protections.

At Westech Securities, we have acquired the requisite knowledge, skills and expertise to implement the appropriate security management measures at the correct opportunities and have managed very well to conduct very detailed security survey at the earmarked locations; safeguarding all the security concerns. As a premium private security agency, our main concern is to curb crime, vandalism, theft (internal), fire, and ensure other security-related issues to spell the disaster for hundreds and thousands of people and businesses nationwide and particularly the in the establishment that we cater to.

Why Choose Us

At Westech, we firmly believe that there are three essential factors that determine
the quality of service provided by any supplier in the contract security industry.

Employee Screening and Selection

When you have a Westech Security Personnel on your site, you have some one who takes your business security as seriously as you do

Training and Supervision

An excellent reputation, a national present a reliable and effective infrastructure but the single biggest advantage you gain when you choose Westech is our people.

Management Responsiveness

We have established a system whereby our operations management team will make frequent visits to our client sites.

Additional Services

Our security solutions are spread across all territorial verticals dependent on greater levels of security systems include
  • Private Investigations
    Statistically most of the frauds are committed by the employees of the same organization. Recovering the culprit sometimes can be delayed far too long, to prevent this fraudulent activities in the first place and discovering the culprit, we provide professional private investigations at Westech Securities. We provide firms with the professional and consistent investigative consulting expertise in order to resolve conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis.
    If there is an independent investigative auditor required, we also put its expert financial and investigative teams to work, and also provide judicial arrangements for all sorts of industries.
  • Surveillance Services
    As a stand-alone exercise or part of a larger investigation, our experts use state-of-the-art audio and video equipment, as well as covert cameras to gather information. Our surveillance evidence is designed to be used in court proceedings, helping our clients build a watertight case. We can even place our undercover operatives into employment so they can track malpractice from the inside.
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
    Westech Securities provides customized security solutions designed to provide round the clock security at offices, educational institutions, shopping malls and jewellery showrooms. Wherever security is a top priority. Live / recorded surveillance of activities in high security areas in managed using highly sophisticated CCTV equipment which includes cameras, lenses, housings, pan tilt units, digital recorders, monitors and back-end video management systems such as multiplexers, switchers and telemetry equipment.
  • Fire Detection Systems
    In a world where high-rises punctuate the skyline like never before, the threat of fire is in direct proportion to the height of our skyscrapers. Understandably, protecting one’s assets from fir is a major concern. Tops offers the world’s most reliable and extensive rante of conventional and analog addressable fire detection systems for retail, commercial and industrial applications and many more….

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